Please Note: As of 1st July 2017 C.R.Kennedy have acquired the distribution business of Endocorp Pty Ltd.
including distribution rights for the Richard Wolf range of rigid and flexible endoscopy systems. Read full details..


Namihei Odaira founded Hitachi with the goal of promoting technology developed in Japan. We refer to this founding philosophy as "The founding spirit of Hitachi," a heritage that lives on, embodied in the words "Harmony," "Sincerity," and "Pioneering spirit." This Hitachi spirit is very important for us even in this day and age. The Hitachi Group includes many business divisions, companies, many technologies, products and solutions. Nowhere else in the world is there another business group that has such a broad range of diversity. And despite the current unprecedented economic crisis, Hitachi will continue to expand its businesses through global social innovation by focusing on the "creation of environmental value." At the core, this underscores Hitachi's founding philosophy of promoting business strongly and continuously in order to thrive at a steady pace toward the future. This is what truly differentiates Hitachi from all other competitors. Hitachi truly embodies our corporate statement "Inspire the Next" (breathe new life into the next era) by combining "the collective strengths" of the wide range of businesses, technologies and expertise within the Hitachi Group to generate the optimal value for the diverse issues among customers and society at large.