Please Note: As of 1st July 2017 C.R.Kennedy have acquired the distribution business of Endocorp Pty Ltd.
including distribution rights for the Richard Wolf range of rigid and flexible endoscopy systems. Read full details..

Strong Biotech

Strong Biotech Corporation, founded in June 2000, a renowned Research and Development based company in Taiwan, holds key technologies in the fields of immunology, microbial fermentation, molecular biology, recombinant DNA, and Proteomics. Through years of efforts in developing manufacturing protocol and quality control SOP, Strong Biotech Corporation has evolved from a research and development based company into a product and service oriented corporation, with superior quality control and cost control.

Strong Biotech Corporation is now a biotech company with world class R&D and product teams that ensure the best quality of all of our products. In terms of corporate development philosophy, we have a global perspective with specific programs to develop specialized medical and biotech products which meet the demand of the global market. Strong Biotech Corporation has become the world technology leader in H. pylori rapid urease test with the most complete solution for testing H. pylori through endoscope. Strong Biotech Corporation will always strive to achieve our goal of “Our Care is Worldwide” in continually developing people caring products in medical and R&D fields.