RiwoSpine Endoscopic Spinal Surgery Workshop

Macquarie University Hospital Skills Centre | 4th May 2019

CR Kennedy held it’s 2nd Intensive workshop for Full Endoscopic Spine Surgery. Once again, we were joined at Macquarie University Hospital Skills Centre by RiwoSpine trainer Dr Ali Yörükoğlu.



This technique is becoming a central part of the Neurosurgeons approach to dealing with nerve decompressions of the Lumbar spine.

Four Surgeons from St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney and the Mater Hospital North Sydney underwent intensive training, where they were introduced to the two approaches used in Endoscopic Spine Surgery. Under the guidance of Dr Yorucoglu, the trainees (all of whom are highly experienced Neurosurgeons) were given hands on tuition to familiarize themselves with the system and the method.

The benefits of Full Endoscopic technique over more traditional surgeries is that it reduces the trauma caused by the operation itself. This means a less painful and faster recovery post-op. There is a shortened Hospital stay and a faster return to “normal” work and recreational activities.

All attendees agreed it is the way of the future. The Full endoscopic technique will grow in its uses as other applications are tested and added to our arsenal.


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