Endoscopy Consumables

With both disposable and reusable devices in the fields of endoscopy and sterile product supply, the goal of CR Kennedy is to provide personalized service, support and revolutionary solutions for healthcare professionals to address patient needs. With decades of experience in the endoscopy and healthcare market, we prioritise compliance with all our services to provide a complete solutions package. Customer service is a priority. We deliver excellence to healthcare organisations with timely and responsive logistics support at a sustainable cost saving.

Capsule Endoscopy

The Mirocam capsule endoscopy system uses state of the art imaging technology to provide the highest image resolution and longest operation time, enabling accurate diagnosis of the entire small bowel.


With a rise in the prevalence of diseases that require endotherapy procedures such as cancers and gastrointestinal diseases, CR Kennedy offers a broad range of endotherapy products for advanced diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in GI endoscopy, electrosurgery and beyond.

Reprocessing Equipment

Endoscopy equipment is specialized and expensive. Selecting the most suitable cleaning brush to meet different model specifications is essential to ensure safe and effective removal of biomaterial from flexible endoscopes.