Double Balloon Endoscopy

Developed in 2004 by Fujifilm, Double Balloon Endoscopy enables examination, diagnosis and treatment of the entire small bowel. The revolutionary technique is the gold standard in the field of GI endoscopy.


The Fujifilm Double Balloon Endoscopy System consists of specifically designed enteroscopes, overtubes, balloons, and a balloon-pump controller. It also requires a Fujifilm video processor and light source for clear, sharp, high-definition images with advanced imaging technology.

Balloon Control Unit

The PB-30 balloon-pump controller allows control of the balloons' internal dilation pressures, enabling the physician to perform a safe and smooth examination with precision.

DBE Accessories

A unique endoscopy method such as double balloon endoscopy requires unique accessories. From the overtube to the balloon setting tool and rubber band applicator, tools are available to make the procedure simple.