Dermoscopy is a diagnostic imaging tool enabling examination of the skin surface using epiluminescence and magnification. A dermoscope is an essential imaging device with a high-quality magnifying lens and a bright light system for clear visualisation of the surface and subsurface structures. The Casio Dermoscope offers a compact and ergonomic design with exceptional optics for quick, easy and detailed dermal observations.

Digital Photography

Dermatology lends itself to the use of clinical photography and teledermatology. Periodic digital photographs of the skin surface allows for early detection of melanoma and other skin cancers such as squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and basal cell carcinoma (BCC). Minute changes in colour and structure can only be detected with a detailed photographic record over time. Teledermatology is a proven method that accelerates the process of diagnosis and treatment of skin lesions and improves patient outcomes.


Capsule Endoscopy

The Intromedic Mirocam capsule endoscopy system uses state of the art imaging technology to provide the highest image resolution and longest operation time, enabling accurate diagnosis of the entire small bowel.

Double Balloon Endoscopy

Developed in 2004 by Fujifilm, Double Balloon Endoscopy enables examination, diagnosis and treatment of the entire small bowel. The revolutionary technique is the gold standard in the field of GI endoscopy.

Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)

High-resolution B-mode and various imaging modes are incorporated in the new generation Fujifilm SU-1 compact endoscopic ultrasound system to support accurate and precise diagnosis.

Duodenoscopes & ERCP

The Fujifilm 500 series video duodenoscopes have improved distal structure, curves and flexibility to achieve better handling during ERCP for examination and treatment of the biliary or pancreatic duct systems.

GI Endoscopes

The Fujifilm 700 series endoscopes increase usability and enhance visualisation, enabling stunning image clarity and superior resolution with megapixel CMOS technology for noiseless transmission of HD images.

Miniprobe System

The Fujifilm SP-900 ultrasonic processor together with the wide range of high frequency miniprobes offers enhanced operability with diagnostic ultrasound for more precise and efficient patient examination.  

Specialty Scopes

Designed for superior diagnosis and patient comfort, our range of specialty nasopharygoscopes and laryngoscopes feature high-resolution imaging for improved visibility of the nasal passages and lung.

Video Processors & Light Sources

Fujifilm’s 7000 video imaging system uses innovative 4-LED Multi Light technology to support the advancing standards of image enhanced endoscopic imaging.

Endoscopy Consumables

Capsule Endoscopy

The Mirocam capsule endoscopy system uses state of the art imaging technology to provide the highest image resolution and longest operation time, enabling accurate diagnosis of the entire small bowel.


With a rise in the prevalence of diseases that require endotherapy procedures such as cancers and gastrointestinal diseases, CR Kennedy offers a broad range of endotherapy products for advanced diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in GI endoscopy, electrosurgery and beyond.

Reprocessing Equipment

Endoscopy equipment is specialized and expensive. Selecting the most suitable cleaning brush to meet different model specifications is essential to ensure safe and effective removal of biomaterial from flexible endoscopes.

ENT & Speech Pathology

3D Systems

3D imaging is most appropriate for applications in areas with very fine structures and small operating spaces. The combined use of 3D imaging and microscopy serves to optimize interventions, expand diagnostic possibilities and develop new areas of application.

ENT Diagnostic

A top priority for otolaryngologists in applications including sinuscopy and laryngoscopy is the clear visualisation of delicate structures within the head and neck. CR Kennedy offers a range of devices that meet specific diameter, viewing angles and working length requirements for these surgical specialites.

ENT Surgical

ENT Surgery is the speciality concerned with the surgical treatment of the ears, nose, throat. A broad range of devices for the diagnosis and management of diseases of the sinuses, larynx, oral cavity, upper pharynx (mouth & throat) and adjacent structures of the head and neck is available.

Ex-Demo and Traded Equipment

CR Kennedy offers a wide variety of traded and ex-demonstration scope products and equipment, which are refurbished, calibrated and tested to meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications.

Swallowing (FEES/MBS)

State-of-the-art swallowing diagnostic systems now meet the needs of a wide range of applications – from acute examination at the patient's bedside to comprehensive examinations with video-endoscopic and video-fluoroscopic methods.

Stroboscopy and Acoustic Applications

Voice analysis products offer high-quality recording for accurate representation of patient speech and voice. Techniques such as rigid and flexible laryngoscopy and stroboscopy are enabled with state-of-the art recording equipment and imaging devices.



Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the womb (uterus) with or without the removal of the cervix, ovaries or the fallopian tubes. The development of patient-friendly, minimally invasive hysterectomy procedures has resulted in beneficial surgical outcomes and shorter periods of rehabilitation. Richard Wolf offers a comprehensive product portfolio in gynecological laparoscopy and innovative system solutions tailored to the surgical techniques of today.


Hysteroscopy is an endoscopic method for the investigation, diagnosis and surgery of the uterine cavity and the cervical canal. Recently, minimally invasive methods have lowered complication rates and have expanded the spectrum of surgical gynecology. CR Kennedy offers a range of instruments perfectly tailored to the latest diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in hysteroscopy.

Medical Simulators

Nephrology and Urology


Flexible cystoscopy is a method for urologists to observe, diagnose and treat abnormalities of the bladder and urethra. CR Kennedy offers small diameter, flexible cysto urethroscopes with state of the art imaging and maneuverability to enable effective therapy with minimal patient trauma.


Transendoscopic lithotripsy is a commonly used treatment for kidney stones, ureter stones, and bladder stones. Using a variety of solutions from flexible duodenoscopes to stone catchers and mechanical crushers, successful treatment of conditions such as nephrolithiasis is enabled.


In the last two decades, flexible ureterorenoscopy has been advanced by instruments having digital imaging, smaller outer diameters, wider working channels and active deflection. Complementary instruments such as forceps, baskets and laser technology now allow effective patient treatment.

Peripheral Equipment


CR Kennedy offers a range of reliable and well-engineered peripheral equipment for endoscopy applications. The system components are engineered for versatile compatibility and are finely tuned for patient safety, therapy and successful endoscopy.

Medical Carts and Trolleys

Endoscopy and surgical departments operate most efficiently with effective and robust mobile storage solutions. As the supplier of ITD medical carts and trolleys, CR Kennedy is able to configure, customise, upgrade or modify storage carts to suit the needs of your hospital department.

Medical Grade Monitors

Compliant with safety standards for clinical use, modern medical grade monitors offer surgeons and OR staff a clear view of images from medical imaging equipment up to 4K resolution, with a wide range of inputs and display modes for seamless integration in a variety of medical workflows.

Pulmonary and Airway Management


High-resolution digital video bronchoscopes use miniature chip technology to set new standards in imaging quality for examination of the trachea, bronchi and lungs.

Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)

Featuring a 10o forward oblique view and a small distal end diameter of 6.7mm, the Fujifilm EBUS bronchoscope simplifies sampling of the mediastinum & hilar lesions for accurate staging of lung cancer.


A top priority in applications like laryngoscopy is to recognize and identify very delicate structures of the throat and larynx. Traditional video laryngoscopes, fiber optic laryngoscopes and portable devices offer clinicians an immediate and clear view of the vocal cords, epiglottis and surrounding structures. More accurate intubation is enabled while minimizing soft tissue manipulation.

Miniprobe System

High-frequency miniprobes are inserted via the biopsy channel of traditional endoscopes, giving constant access to diagnostic ultrasound at all times during your routine endoscopy – regardless of the type of endoscopic unit being used. The Fujifilm radial miniprobes offer 360 degree high resolution images of the digestive tract and lungs and are an integral diagnostic tool for cancer staging.

Reporting and Software Integration

Image Capture and Reporting Software

An endoscopy report is central in any endoscopy practice and facilitates the exchange of information about findings, therapy, clinical recommendations, adverse events and performance in relation to endoscopy procedures. EndoManager® 3.0 reporting software provides the fastest GI reports, most dynamic interfaces and easiest image management available.

OR Integration

In today's high-tech operating rooms, the need to structure workflows and configurations is increasing as new technologies and complex medical device systems are introduced. To generate optimum efficiency and quality for surgeons and operating room personnel, one of the most important functionalities is the networking of all of the equipment in operating room.


4K Surgical Imaging

Richard Wolf presents an impressive turnkey system with the ENDOCAM Logic 4K for applications in endoscopy. The harmonized image visualization and processing are entirely optimized to 4K. The result: clear, pin-sharp images in a very realistic colour scheme make the difference in endoscopy.


Electrosurgery is the most common technique used in the OR in a wide variety of medical specialties. Electrosurgical units apply high frequency, alternating electric current to tissue to cut, coagulate and fulgurate with minimal blood loss. CR Kennedy is the sole distributor of BOWA, a leading technological supplier and manufacturer of energy-based surgical systems.


Eragon sets the benchmark for ergonomics, versatility, quality and ease of handling. The modular system enables the Surgeon to cover a wide range of applications, building on their precision, reliability and intuitive handling. Their ease of assembly and reprocessing sets the new standard. Meet the ERAGON FAMILY.


Minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques have rapidly gained popularity in the spine marketplace. MIS helps to minimize complications, recovery time, blood loss, and postoperative pain when compared to traditional open surgery. Richard Wolf / RIWOspine has long been the leader in full-endoscopic spine surgery with specialized instruments and standardized techniques.