Reprocessing Equipment

Endoscopy equipment is specialized and expensive. Selecting the most suitable cleaning brush to meet different model specifications is essential to ensure safe and effective removal of biomaterial from flexible endoscopes.


Manual cleaning is the first and most important step in removing the microbial bioburden from an endoscope. Selecting the right cleaning brush is critical to ensure the efficacy of the manual cleaning process and to prevent damage of the internal channels. Brushes with too small a diameter fail to provide adequate contact with the lumen of the scope channel, leaving residue and contaminants behind. Oversized brushes may get stuck in the endoscope channel, leading to expensive repairs or may have the cleaning bristles bent, thereby eliminating adequate mechanical abrasion. CR Kennedy offers a range of single-use cleaning brushes to adequately remove debris and ensure optimum endoscopy function. Disposable brushes remove the need for complicated cleaning and sterilization procedures necessary for reusable brushes.

Endoscope Cleaning Brushes

CR Kennedy offers a range of endoscope cleaning brushes designed to facilitate maximum cleaning performance. Single ended and dual ended brushes in a variety of diameters & lengths are available to ensure compatability with a wide range of endoscopes and channel sizes.

Pull Thrus

The PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush range of patented endoscope channel cleaning products, are scientifically proven to improve the efficiency of the manual cleaning process for a range of endoscopes, compared to bristle brushes.