Capsule Endoscopy

The Intromedic Mirocam capsule endoscopy system uses state of the art imaging technology to provide the highest image resolution and longest operation time, enabling accurate diagnosis of the entire small bowel.


The entire small bowel can now be diagnosed more accurately with a capsule system that provides the highest quality images, 11 hours plus operating time and a 170° field of view. State-of-the-art MiroCam is the first capsule endoscopy system with E-Field Propagation, a patented technology utilising the human body as a communication medium. This innovative approach results in the highest image resolution and longest operation time, enabling more accurate detection of disease activity in the oesophagus, stomach, small bowel and colon.

Mirocam Capsule

The MC1200 Endoscopy Capsule offers a consistent frame rate of 3 FPS, 170° FOV and an operation time of up to 12 hours. Measuring just 11x24mm with 6 white LED lights, a 320×320 image resolution delivers clear images for accurate small bowel diagnosis.

Mirocam Receiver

The MR2000 Receiver is light and compact with a 4” LCD display allowing clinicians to monitor capsule progress in real time. Images of interest can be captured during ‘Real time viewing’ and automatically uploaded as a thumbnail during review.