GyroGear triumps at CES 2024


Cambridge, MA, USA — 15 Nov 2023 — In an extraordinary affirmation of technological advancement and commitment to human-centric innovation, GyroGear™ proudly announces its receipt of three distinguished CES 2024 Innovation Awards for the GyroGlove™ hand stabilizer. This exceptional achievement spans across the categories of Accessibility & Aging Tech, Wearable Technologies, and Digital Health, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the field.

CES 2024: A Global Stage for Breakthrough Innovations

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is the largest and most influential tech event in the world. It’s a confluence of the world's leading technology brands and best innovators. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES features every aspect of the tech sector. GyroGear™’s recognition at such a prestigious event underscores its significant impact on the industry and its potential to improve lives.

A New Era of Accessibility

GyroGear™ has been recognized for its groundbreaking approach to stabilizing hand tremors, providing an unparalleled level of precision and empowerment to those affected by tremor-related conditions. The CES Innovation Awards Program, an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products, has highlighted GyroGear™ for its significant contributions to restoring quality of life to those with incurable hand tremors caused by essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease.

Wearable Tech with a Purpose

GyroGear™ was celebrated for its innovative integration of comfort, design, and functionality. The world’s most advanced hand stabilizer offers users an elegant solution that restores quality of life across a wide range of daily activities.

Innovating at the Intersection of Disciplines

Professor Jeff Karp, faculty member at Mass General Brigham and Harvard Medical School and technical advisor to GyroGear™, remarked, "It is incredible to witness the journey that Faii has taken from working in my laboratory, to bringing a novel medical technology to market. It is the utmost focus and perseverance, especially at the intersection of disciplines, that has propelled the GyroGear™ team to where we are today. The recognition from CES is a reflection of this. It's always the hope that we can continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare technology to restore and maximize quality of life.”

An Purposeful Journey

Dr Faii Ong, GyroGear™'s founder, expressed, “We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to bring an entirely new type of medical device to market. The immediately tangible impact we see that the GyroGlove™ brings to those unable to use their hands due to hand tremors drives us every single day. We would not be here without the utter dedication of our team, love and care from our volunteers, and incredible support from all stakeholders and partners. This is a once-in-a-lifetime journey for all of us, and we fully intend to make this as meaningful and as purposeful as possible for all our beneficiaries’.

About GyroGear™

GyroGear™ has developed the GyroGlove™, the world’s most advanced hand tremor stabilizer. GyroGear™ seeks to provide instantaneous relief to up to 200 million people globally with Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor. Wear it, turn it on and regain that magical stability in your life. GyroGear™ is dedicated to developing state-of-the-art assistive devices that cater to the needs of individuals with movement challenges. Its first product, the GyroGlove™, features a high-performance mechanical gyroscope, packaged in a comfortable, easy to use design. Drawing inspiration from aerospace and Formula 1 racing, the GyroGlove™ is focused on stabilizing hand tremors typically seen in neurological conditions such as essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease. GyroGear™ is committed to innovation and user-centered design, in creating products that enhance quality of life and promote independence.

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