Synapse® Mobility: Secure Mobile Data Access Improves Patient Care

Imagine if you had access to the images and information stored in your Fujifilm Synapse products and other PACS systems as well from anywhere—a patient’s bedside, reading rooms and the comfort of your own home. Imagine how this on-the-go access could affect your efficiency and the efficiency of your department. Imagine how it could help diagnose and treat patients faster and more accurately.

Now you no longer need to imagine; Synapse Mobility, a user-friendly, versatile, secure application, is now available to radiologists, cardiologists, general practitioners, referrers and consulting specialists in Australia. Because the medical workplace has transformed to a highly-advanced, modern facility, Synapse Mobility now provides access to information from Synapse PACsSynapse RIS and Synapse Cardiovascular on mobile devices such as iPhone®, iPad® and Android smartphones, as well as Mac and Window PCs and laptops. It is also compatible with other vendors’ PACS.

How It Works

The new mobile version incorporates many of the traditional Synapse features – the web-based medical imaging and information management system – but provides this functionality in a mobile format. This allows authorised users to view patient reports and images immediately on their smart phones or tablet devices from any location.

One of Synapse Mobility’s newer applications is the ‘Collaboration’ feature, which aids in consultations during clinical situations such as real-time communication between physicians, referring clinicians and patients, using any web browser available to each participant or smartphone. It displays interactive, three-dimensional diagnostic images, provides advanced viewing capabilities, including zoom, window and level, and uses MIP/MPR just as it would at a clinical workstation.

The Benefits

This improved access can have a positive impact on workflow as well as help to improve patient care. The application allows for faster decision making and, therefore, tremendous time-savings for diagnostic review.

According to Sailesh Dookhun, Chief Finance Officer at Future Medical Imaging Group (FMIG), a private radiology practice in Melbourne, web and mobile integration are now an inseparable part of any modern radiology practice. The organisation decided to install Synapse Mobility as part of its efforts to always be at the forefront of imaging technology.

“We believe our referrers should, at any time, have ready access to high-resolution images of our patients wherever they are, even on the go,” Mr. Dookhun said. “Furthermore, we believe the application greatly enhances clinical decision-making and consultation amongst peers.”

The Details

The application is not dependent on any specific operating systems, Internet browsers or particular versions of software. It simply requires an Adobe® Flash enabled browser on any operating system.

Security is paramount in healthcare. Synapse Mobility has been designed with an embedded security model, ensuring private patient information is stored on the Synapse Mobility server, rather than the individual’s device. In addition, no persistent image data exists on the Synapse Mobility application.

The application is easy to administer and install on individuals’ devices. There is limited burden on the IT department because authorised users are able to download the application directly from the Apple® store for use on Apple or Google mobile devices themselves.