Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)

High-resolution B-mode and various imaging modes are incorporated in the new generation Fujifilm SU-1 compact endoscopic ultrasound system to support accurate and precise diagnosis.


Learn how the new generation Fujifilm endoscopic ultrasound system supports high precision ultrasound diagnoses and advanced therapeutic procedures.The Fujifilm SU-1 compact ultrasound unit together with the EG-580UT and EG-580UR echoendoscopes offers high resolution image quality and exceptional endoscope performance to your ultrasound procedures and daily examinations. Come and probe more deeply into what lies beneath the success of the Fujifilm endoscopic ultrasound system.

Linear Echoendoscopes

The EG-580UT, an ultrasound endoscope which enables convex scanning with Forceps Elevator Assist, was developed for therapeutic interventions in the GI tract. The endoscope has improved insertion and observation performance as well as therapeutic performance such as FNA thanks to its excellent maneuverability and wide puncture range. High resolution B mode images, optimal puncture performance and extraordinary CCD forward oblique view positioning enables accurate detection and treatment of lesions.

Radial Echoendoscopes

With improved maneuverability, a slim distal end diameter of 11.4mm, the forward viewing EG-580UR radial ultrasound endoscope can be operated as a routine gastroscope. The enhanced maneverability makes retroflexion easier for observation of the fundus and cardia. A large 2.8mm working channel supports improved suction power.

Ultrasound Processor

The new Fujifilm ultrasonography processor SU-1 is equipped with proprietary image processing technology in a compact body with the aim of supporting accurate diagnoses with a variety of imaging modes including high-resolution B-mode.